Top Ten Soaps for Lightening Fairness Skin

top ten bath soaps gor lightening fairness skin in south india

         Best Tan Removal Fairness Soaps in South India

 When it comes to skin care, the common phrase is ‘You are never too young to start looking after your skin’ and what better way to start doing so than when you’re washing your face or body

We all love bath soaps because of its Fragrance and Shape. Some soaps bring back childhood memories like playing with soaps and biting what taste it will be? Like Soapy..!!!

There are always plenty of Soap bars in Market. But We Should Choose wisely which is made up of& that the soap you are selecting has balanced pH levels from 7 to 10. This assures us that there is no free lye remaining in the soap (lye has a pH of 14) and that the soap is safe to use, Select what Type Conditioner will suit for you. For example, if you have dry skin, you should look for a soap with moisturizing emollients which will prevent water evaporation. So depending on your preferences, you’ll find the perfect soap to pamper your skin that really works.

Here are the Top Ten Soaps that gives Best Effective Results.

1.VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap  

vlcc insta glow soap


This product by VLCC is a completely natural soap that helps in skin lightening. This soap has been uniquely designed to clean the deep pores of your skin with the best moisturizing and gentle result. This soap has basil and mulberry in it with some almond oil that helps in revitalizing. It is natural & This bar is suitable for all types of skin.

This soap has been uniquely designed to clean the deep pores of your skin with the best moisturizing and gentle result. This soap has basil and mulberry in it with some almond oil that helps in revitalizing. This soap is natural and is suitable for all types of skin.

It is priced at Rs.85 for 125 grams

2.Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap

nature’s essence lacto soap

 Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan fairness soap is a milk protein and honey enriched soap that is best for all types of skin. This soap gives a tan-free skin with the regular use of this authentic brand that helps in removing epidermal sun tan. This soap helps in enhancing facial and skin glow.

It is Priced at 168 for 3+1 pack 75 grams

3.Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap

Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap

 It’s a fairness bar soap by Avon Naturals that is a blend of natural ingredients to help in lightening the skin tone and making it fair and bright. It helps in removing tan from your skin and makes your skin even. This soap provides gentle cleansing of your face that leaves your skin soft and smooth. All types of skin can use this tan removal fairness soap by Avon.


4. Fiama Di Wills Skin sense Soap

Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soap

Fiama Di Wills skin since soap is a very popular brand for skin care in India. The soap is made of completely natural extracts that ensure that the skin proteins and moisture are replenished, making the skin soft and supple. The glycerine based soap has a mild fragrance for a fresh feeling all day long. Once you have tried this you definitely won’t go back.

It is priced at Rs.56 for 100 g.


5. Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap

Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap

This natural soap is enriched with Orange Peel Extracts and exfoliates the skin as it cleanses it. The enzymes in the orange peel help slough off dead cells and revitalize the skin, making it look younger.

It is priced at Rs.79 for 150 g.

6. Mysore Sandal Soap


Another classic soap that is famous for its sandalwood aroma and the healing and cooling properties of sandalwood that come along with it. It is enriched with glycerine, vegetable oils, and pure sandalwood oil, help moisturize the skin and lighten the skin tone.

It is priced at Rs.49 for 125 g.

7. Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub Bar

Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub Bar

This bar from Khadi is made of sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth, almond shell powder, glycerine, reetha, and camphor. It exfoliates the skin on the face and the body and also soothes any irritation in the skin. The sandalwood and the camphor cool the skin and lend the soap a tantalizing fragrance.

It is priced at Rs.75 for 125g.

8. Dove Moisturizing Soap


Dove was among the first companies to introduce a soap with 1/4th moisturizing milk. You will feel the difference while bathing with Dove, in that, the skin will seem slippery even after you have washed off the water. This is the soap replenishing the moisture in the skin. It leaves behind a mild aroma.Dove has a greater range of beauty bars with different fragrances.They also contain a ¼ moisturizing cream so that apart from cleansing the face, they also leave the face feeling soft and smooth without the tight dry feeling. These soaps work up to a nice creamy lather and feel wonderful on the face too.

It is priced at Rs. 48 for 125 g.

9. Dettol Soap


Want to be 100% sure of fighting infections? Then Dettol is your solution. Be it the original “medicine-like” smelling soap or the newer skin care and Dettol fresh variants, they all promise you the best germ protection you can get. Be sure that all your skin infections can be forgotten upon using this soap.

It is priced at Rs.23 for 75 g.


10.Lotus Herbals Liquorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser

Lotus Herbals Liquorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser

Lotus Herbals bring for you a soap that is a skin whitening cleanser and is best for the people with tan skin. It has a world-setting line of premium soaps and it is considered as one of the best Ayurvedic soaps. It’s 100% ayurvedic product. It has a remedy that effectively controls melanin, which makes your skin glow with fairness.

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***Note: you should wash your towels fairly regularly.  Not every time, certainly, don’t go crazy. Once a week. If no, there is no use of using Branded soaps or Face wash creams. Actually, it harms so, takes care that your towel must completely dry at least before using it.

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